FAQs about the African Angel Academy Programme

Q: Who is the AAA Programme intended for?

A: The AAA Programme is intended for current or aspiring angel investors, who have capital to deploy now, who want to invest in businesses operating in African countries, but who also understand that this is a high-risk asset class.

Q: What can I gain from being in the AAA Programme?

A: In the AAA Programme, you can:

  • Learn about the full angel investing process from Africa’s leading angels’ first-hand experiences
  • Network with potential co-investors and ecosystem partners
  • Source and nominate investment ready startups at the showcases
  • Receive support to setup and grow your new angel group by receiving mentorship
  • Become part of a thriving angel alumni community across the continent

Q: What is the difference between a programme and a course?

A: The course is self-paced and can be purchased at any time, and the programme is scheduled at specific times and is with a group of other emerging angels for networking, live masterclasses and investor Q&As.

Q: What does the AAA Programme entail?

A: The AAA Programme runs for 12 -14 weeks and includes a combination of online curriculum, broken down into 12 modules, as well as bi-weekly subject specific masterclasses and live Q&A sessions with experienced angel investors. Our curriculum covers the following topics: 

  • Angel Investing Strategy
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Deal Structuring
  • Valuations
  • Negotiations
  • Mentorship & People
  • Investment Management & Governance
  • Exits
  • Angel Group Management & Structure
  • Angel Impact Investing

We use the platforms Thinkific and Zoom to deliver the modules and also share relevant guides, case studies, tools, templates and reports to assist you on your angel investment journey.  At the end of the programme, we also host showcases, where entrepreneurs looking for angel investment present their businesses and we facilitate introductions for interested angels and syndicates. 

Q: I am an entrepreneur seeking investors. Is AAA right for me?

A: No, as AAA is intended for angel investors, or aspiring angel investors and not geared towards entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur, keep up to date with AAA as we have showcases and you can always email info@africanangelacademy.com to ask when the next showcase is as we also hold regular showcases for our alumni. 

Q: How much does the AAA programme cost?

A: This is dependent on how much of the programme is covered by our funders. Our funders typically cover around 90% of the ticket costs, so the proportion that you contribute is relatively small while you still receive great value and high quality content.  Please check the current cohort’s ticket prices.

Q: What criteria do you consider when evaluating if a person should be in the cohort?

A: We consider the following:

    • Your professional experience. Angel investors should have industry experience in areas such as entrepreneurship, finance, law, engineering, or other relevant fields. Experience in mentoring or working with startups is also an advantage.
    • Your ability and willingness to invest. We want to catalyse investment in Africa, and therefore we want you to have capital and time ready to commit to investing as an angel, or that you have already started investing as an angel.
    • Your attitude to risk. Angel investing is very high risk and you most likely will lose a proportion of the money you invest. You need to be comfortable with and understand this level of risk and have disposable income to invest. 
    • Your country of origin or country of residence. We cater our programme to the countries in our cohort, and our funders only cover the costs for certain countries.

Q: Can I still join a programme if I’m based in a target country but not a national of it?

A: Yes, you can apply for this cohort. Just bear in mind that we will cater the course to target countries.

Q: Can I still join a programme if I’m a national of a target country but not currently based in it?

A: Yes, you can apply for this cohort. Just bear in mind that we will cater the course to target countries.