Twiga and Joy Muballe: Taking a leap for agritech in Kenya

Joy Muballe knew it was a good opportunity, but her team passed on the deal. She decided to go for it herself.

Published: March 2021

AAA_Twiga_Case study


Taking a leap for Agritech in Kenya recounts the experience of angel investor, Joy Muballe, as she makes her first investment into the Kenyan Agritech start-up Twiga.

The African Angel Academy developed a series of case studies to share the stories of African early-stage angel investors in 2021, aiming to inspire and educate new investors.

This case study traces Joy’s journey from a tech enthusiast to her role as a portfolio manager of impact investments at the Lundin Foundation, where she encounters Twiga Foods in 2014—a pioneering last-mile fresh produce delivery startup co-founded by Grant Brooke and Peter Njonjo. Recognising the transformative potential of Twiga’s digital platform for local economies, Joy, driven by her belief in entrepreneurs as engines of innovation, takes the opportunity to invest personally when her team decides to pass on the deal. 

Discussion questions

  1. As a first-time angel, would you be willing to lead a deal like Joy and bring in others or would you rather co-invest with more experienced angels?
  2. If you did need to find a co-investor on a deal, what factors would you look for in a co-investor?

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