angel group case studies

The African Angel Academy has developed three new case studies to provide African angel investors with candid insights into the motivation, success, challenges, opportunities and growth plans of three prominent African angel groups.


NaiBAN: Enriching the ecosystem in Silicon Savannah

Kenya is the second biggest destination for investor capital on the African continent, and yet its ecosystem of local early-stage investors remains small. Nairobi Business Angel Network (NaiBAN) wants to change that. Founded by Nick Villele and 11 of his fellow graduates of the African Angel Academy in 2021, NaiBAN has 127 members who all want to turn the entrepreneurs of today into Kenya’s business leaders of tomorrow. In this case study, we learn about some of the unique approaches NaiBAN takes to get funding to more founders, what Villele and his team have learned about managing an angel network, and one of the network’s most memorable deals to date.



Jozi Angels: Backing founders for a brighter future

South Africa has the most established startup ecosystem and one of the largest communities of local investors on the continent. Jozi Angels is one of the angel networks building and maintaining that community. Founded by Abu Cassim, Jozi Angels has funded 52 startups since it formalised in 2017 and continues to invest in early-stage businesses driven by exceptional founders who are building game-changing solutions. In this case study, we learn about how Jozi Angels manages deal sourcing, how they stimulate investor risk appetite within the network, and one of their most memorable deals to date.



Rising Tide: Investing with a gender lens

According to a 2022 analysis from Africa: The Big Deal, startups in Africa founded by a single woman or an all-women team had raised 56 times less equity funding than those founded by a single man or an all-men team. Although this had reduced to 36 times less in the first half of 2023, there’s still lots of work to be done to bridge the gender investment gap and Rising Tide Africa is taking this challenge head on, mobilising women angel investors to invest with a gender lens.