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Startup Showcases – 15 startups from Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria have been selected to showcase for investment in our regional events.

You’re invited to join us for the upcoming Startup Showcase events! These events are the final stage of Cohort 7 of the AAA Programme, with participating angels from Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria. We’ve also opened up the invite to our broader investor community.

The African Angel Academy will be running three startup showcase virtual events (South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria) from 6-8 June 2023. These startups have been nominated by the angel community and partners as high-potential deals to pitch at the showcases.

Startups selected to pitch at these events will also be accompanied by the endorsement from the ecosystem player/angel investor. In the past, the showcase events have proven to be valuable networking and fundraising opportunities for the startups involved.

Register here to attend the Showcase Events.  

About the Showcases >>

We will be running three 90 minute virtual Startup Showcase events. Each region will have 5 startups that will present to investors. You may elect to only attend the country most relevant to you, or you may attend all events.


Kenya – Tuesday, 6 June, 17:00 – 18:30 (GMT+2)


  1. Kiotapay Kiotapay is an end to end platform that automates payments and business flows for real estate businesses. They work with businesses in the real estate value chain beginning with property sellers, property developers and property managers to drive operational efficiency and increase value for their clients.
  2. BYON8 BYON8 is a smartphone app that provides primary care services online. It allows you to access an AI symptom checker to assess your symptoms and get recommendations of the next steps and possible causes. You can then interact with a doctor to get prescriptions and even referrals to physical clinics through the app. 
  3. Scale Scale is a B2B eProcurement solution that connects buyers with pre-vetted suppliers of goods and services.
  4. Sortika – Sortika is a Micro-savings Platform that seeks to democratize savings and investments by employing innovative tools that simplify the financial planning and investing process.
  5. Dial Afrika Dial Afrika enables businesses to connect with their customers through a unified communication channel.


South Africa – Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 17:00 – 18:30 (GMT+2)


  1. Omniolytics – Through their agricultural management platform, OmnioFarm, they aim to help emerging farmers adopt and integrate production best practices and services to improve production standards and efficiency, mitigate risks and scale their operations to enable participation in commercial value chains. 
  2. Zaio – Zaio is an interactive, AI-Powered online platform with various learning journeys in coding education. It delivers customized learning programs for companies to upskill their employees and/or aid them in running community-based learning projects. Companies are then offered the opportunity to recruit learners that complete Zaio courses.
  3. WISI-Oi Marketplace WISI-Oi stands for Wear It. Sell It. Own It, and is pronounced wee-see-owe-eye. They are a peer-to-peer resale marketplace where sellers can sell their second-hand clothes, and buyers can shop for pre-owned fashion that’s in excellent condition. WISI-Oi aims to reduce the impact of fashion waste by extending the life of a garment and promoting sustainable circular fashion.
  4. Moya Money – Moya Money is a platform built to simplify financial operations for businesses who work with freelancers, subcontractors and creatives. Their focus is taking the hassle out of complex contracts, admin and invoice payments which comes with working with freelancers. 
  5. Life.file – Life.file aims to address the critical issue of the low will adoption rate in South Africa, where over 70% of the population does not have a will. Their web app simplifies the process of creating a will, making it accessible, affordable, and educational. They empower individuals to protect their legacy and educate them about the importance of estate planning and making financial choices that meet them at their unique stage of life.


Nigeria – Thursday, 8 June 2023, 17:00 – 18:30 (GMT+2)


  1. VarsityScapeVarsityScape is a simplified ecosystem that provides all the tools necessary to create and manage a cohort-based course.
  2. Orange FVX StudiosOrange VFX Studios create high-quality animation and visual effects services for organisations and businesses looking to enhance their brand image, generate leads, increase customer engagement and stand out in the competitive market. 
  3. HubPharm AfricaFor Nigerians, who are managing chronic diseases, HubCare improves health outcomes and reduces care costs by offering access to affordable medication, extraordinary care, and personalized coaching.
  4. CDcare – CDcare is a technology company that provides an innovative save-now-pay-later model to enable Africans to own their needed items easily. They provide an alternative to traditional credit-based financing models that aren’t well-suited for the African market, helping customers avoid debt and fostering a future of saving that is essential for long-term financial stability.
    5. ThinkBikes – Thinkbikes Limited is providing last mile transportation using Electric cargo bikes made available for ride-sharing and lease to individuals and businesses in urban and rural communities. 

Register and book your seat to join us at any of the showcases you are interested in attending.

For more details on the Academy, visit www.africanangelacademy.com



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